what makes catamaran charter so popular

What makes Catamaran sailing so popular

Since the last two decades, catamarans have been very popular among the casual weekend-sailors to charterers, and even the cruisers. Unlike the mono-hulls boats which are nothing but the traditional sailboats having a single hull around the keel, the catamaran is structured with the sail in the middle, joining the two hulls. A cockpit along with a main cabin and some netting (place to relax on the boat deck under the sun) can be in between the space between the two hulls as per the size of the sailboat. The main factor leading to their massive popularity is the stability that the catamarans offer and their comfortable size.

Two Hulls make the Difference

These boats have a simple structure of two hulls joined by a single frame, with an engine in each of the two hulls. A catamaran is either powered by sail or engine or both. There are rooms above and below the deck,this makes catamarans a favorite choice for the chartering vacationers too. Large number of people can board the sailboat easily along with accommodation of some stuff. Unlike the mono-hull which gets heeled over at times, these boats are much stable, thus making the job of the sailors easy as they don’t need to fight against gravity.

Catamarans can sail in shallow waters unlike the mono-hulls which require lot of water underneath the boat while sailing. This keeps you secured with no worry of rolling off your anchorage, like that in deep waters. People on board get enough privacy due to the total separation between the two hulls. Lastly, sailing gets faster in these boats.

image of the catamaran hull

Catamarans appear in the World’s best Sailing Destinations

Looking through the differences of the catamarans with the other sailboats, you will get to know several of them. The sailing experience in the catamarans is completely different, due to the fact that it doesn’t have the tendency to get heeled over like the mono-hulls. Skippers sailing the boats need to trim the sails in a different manner and must adapt several new sailing techniques which he might not have used or seen before. Even the motion of these boats tends to differ from the rest. Sailing in these boats gets little difficult against light winds. Sailors get a smooth and safe sailing in the good weather conditions.

Taking all these facts into account, it won’t be surprising for us when we see more and more sailors opting for the catamaran charter to ‘appear in the world’s best sailing destinations’.

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