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Cabin Charter in the Seychelles waters

The popularity of cabin charters is increasing day by day in Europe and many other parts of the world. It is the appropriate choice for people who are looking forward to enjoying a relaxed vacation or those who wish go on a much private cruise journey.

A Great Vacation Offshore

Does it idea of boarding a much more personal yacht sounds exciting to you? Well if so, all you need to do is rent cabins which is loaded with almost all the necessities along with a private bathroom and just enjoy the moment! In a typical cruise ship, you will be among thousands of other people and your privacy might be battered but in case of cabin charters, you will just be among other small bunch of people. Even a private gourmet chef is arranging for your convenience.

When you board a cabin charter, you will get to know about people of different nations, origin and culture who are friendly and open for any kind of cultural exchange.

Cabin charters are also a cost effective way to enjoy cruise excursions.

It is economical and will offer you with all the commodities that you are going to need. You will be guaranteed with a great vacation among such cooperative staff and people.

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intimate cabin cruise

Intimate Cabin Cruising

It offers a far more intimate cruising option for people who would like to spend more time near sea. You will get to know about each and everything i.e. about the famous snorkelling sites which is only a dream for the large cruise ship passengers. You will be given a chance to explore new beaches, reefs and lagoons.

Sailing and Sea Vacation

A cabin charter is all about sailing and sea vacation and you will never be disappointed. Indulging in fun activities might also be the dream of any people and with cabin charters you definitely get a chance to fulfil it. The sailing schedules are designed in such a way that they leave enough room for water sport.

You can engage yourself in fun activities like snorkelling, deep sea diving, kayaking or simply hanging around the beaches to relax yourself!

You don’t have to worry about the meals too as your favourite meal will be prepared by a specialized team of gourmet chefs and you will be served on-board. Our menu comprises of cuisines from all over the world so no matter what nation you are from, you can always get your authentic food!

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