Seychelles crewed yacht charter

Seychelles crewed yacht charter holidays

The geographical feature of Seychelles is as unique and chanting as its culture and tradition. Located in the Indian Ocean, the island nation with 115 islands filled with nature’s gift by all means. The islands are divided into two basic parts better known as Inner Island Group and the Outer Island Group. The three principal islands of Praslin, La Digue and Mahe are which is surrounded by 41 gigantic inner islands.

The underwater resource and beauty is equally spectacular as this island country is marine life which is well known by tourist across the world.

Seychelles’ Inner Islands offers miles of scenic coastline.

The Skipper and his Crew sail the Yacht

Are you new to Sailing? With a crewed charter you can explore several groups of islands, and even get a chance to visit villages and beaches that cannot be seen by cruise ships or hotel guests even, only through crewed yacht chartering. You will thus get the wonderful picturesque of the beauty that the world possess with everlasting memories of the exotic smells and flavors all around the Seychelles islands.

A personal cabin with a head bathroom is arranged for every party boarding on the crewed charter. There is all-time service inclusive of all meals and beverages. Depend on which catamaran you charter different water toys like snorkeling, jet ski, kayak and fishing gear is available there for your entertainment (please see yacht descriptions).

Skipper with crew

Leave your worries behind

You can thus spend your days by snorkelling off the island coasts or simply resting on the yacht desk under the sun, by simply submitting by your details to us. The on-board chef prepares especially for you some ‘gourmet meal’ while your skipper escorts you to the next port of visit through the passages. Have a memorable journey and go for a unforgettable excursion leaving behind all your worries.

relax memorable journey on sea
Catamaran best way to discover the Seychelles

Catamaran best option for Seychelles

For sailing the Seychelles a catamaran is the best option. There is a lot of space for dining and other such common purposes in the rooms in the middle space joining the two hulls, as the private staterooms are available in the two hulls separately. The main reason for opting the catamarans for this crewed yacht chartering is that it doesn’t have the problem of getting heeled over due to their stability in ocean waters.

Just putting it one sentence – our dedicated and committed crews help you out in meeting your needs and demands by their friendly, courteous and discreet behaviour.