Indian Ocen Mooring Seychelles waters

Mooring in Seychelles Waters

In the aspect of mooring in Seychelles, which is indeed important for any island country for aspects of trade, tourism and commerce, Seychelles has what it needs. The 72 coral islands on Seychelles territory form an arc towards Africa which is part of the Outer Islands. The whole Outer Islands are demarcated and divided into six distinct island groups which are the Amirantes, the Alphonse Group, the Southern Coral Group, the Farquhar Group and Aldabra with minimum distance of 865 miles from east coast line of Africa. With less than 32 miles between mooring grounds the Inner Islands provide absolute safe sailing with mooring buoys provided around north-west Mahe, north-east Praslin as well as some of the surrounding islands. If overnight staying is on your mind then there is god news for you as depths of five to eight meters only with good sand bottom in most of the popular overnight places.

Do not Anchor on Corals

One of key points that has to be kept in mind and that is Seychelles does not allow anchoring on coral. Because of low lying coral reefs and as the mooring grounds of these islands are less sheltered and not frequently sailed one has to be careful while navigating in the Outer Islands.

Corals do no anchor here

Mooring Guides

For the tourism and trade support mooring guides that have been published at 1/10000 scale charts that are available in the offices of VPM and Sunsail, which are two amoung other sailing operators who are based in Seychelles.

Note: The skipper should not simply trust the map, and should check the sounder constantly because coral bottoms vary frequently.

Seychelles mooring guidelines
  • For Navigation Safety

    At the port entrance of Port Victoria and also on Praslin Island at the Baie Ste. Anne jetty, complete navigational aids are there for help.

    Following the above stated cautions and safety note and can be sure of having a safe and delightful visit to this country.

    • 1. Port buoys are red cylinders with even numbers and starboard buoys are green and have odd numbers which is same as any port of Europe.
    • 2. Mahe and Praslin have a few lights with charted characteristics on their headlands.
    • 3. Yachts that are self-skippered are only allowed during the day and must be anchored by nightfall.
    • 4. Zones around areas of underwater pipeline, foul ground and areas of security where special care is required for anchoring and access to the beach.
    • Caution: Mahe Island in Beau Vallon Bay there are anchorages that are zoned and have special access channels near selected swimming areas.

Helpful Mooring Addresses

Pier Master – La Passe Jetty
La Passe, La Digue
Tel/Fax: +248 4 23 43 00

Pier Master – Baie Ste Anne Jetty
Baie Ste Anne, Praslin
Tel/Fax: +248 4 23 24 34

Marine Conservation Society Seychelles