changing trade winds in Seychelles

Seychelles Wind Patterns

North-west Wind

North-westerly from December to March and south-easterly from May to September are two contradicting wind patterns that flow through this island country. Fairly weak from five to 10 knots with the peak strength in January north–westerly winds flows but gets stronger when the sun rises. With the wind the rainfalls also quite prominent. The wind flow gain strength between December and March with the cyclones over the south-west Indian Ocean but the matter of relief is that this beautiful country is outside the cyclone belt with the exception of the most southerly islands.

South-east Wind

The south-easterly trades reach their peak in July and August which are dry and blow throughout the day and part of the night. It reaches average speed is 10 to 15 knots with occasional gusts that may be over 30 knots in between June to September. The trade winds change direction in April and November bring calm and windless periods.

Stronger winds during the south-easterly trade’s season in the Outer Islands flows because of their southern location and low lying atolls. On the contrary stronger winds during the north-westerly trade’s season flow through the Inner Islands because the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone with weaker winds would be lying to the south of the Inner Islands.

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  • Communication and Awareness Note

    Seychelles Radio Coast Station on VHF channel 16, switching to channel 26 will have weather forecasts