Yachts entering and leaving the Seychelles

This documentation has been issued by the “Port & Marine Services Division” on Mahe, for any questions or latest issue contact 224701 (24 hours)


All vessels visiting the Seychelles Islands are advised that Port Victoria is the only official Port of Entry/Exit of the Seychelles and must therefore call at Port Victoria, Mahe to carry out all Health, Port, Security, Immigration and Customs formalities upon initial entry into Seychelles or upon ultimate departure for a foreign port. The island of Assumption, Farquhar and/or Desroches may be substituted as an alternative port of entry or exit in which case all officials will be required to be flown out from Mahe by charter aircraft at vessel’s cost. Charges per charter are not less than Rs30, 000.00. In practice this exception is available to cruise ships. Yachts have difficulty in maintaining ETA’s and in addition have difficulties in communicating with Port Victoria or their Agent.


Boarding is usually carried out at anchor. Yachts arriving at Port Victoria will exhibit ‘Q’ flag and remain at anchor in the outer harbour until they have been cleared by the Port Health Authorities, Customs, Immigration Officials and Security personnel. The Entomological Department of Ministry of Health requires yachts to be sprayed on arrival. ‘Q’ flay will be lowered only when pratique has been granted. A charge of Seychelles Rupees100.00 (equivalent to about US Dollars $20.00) is made for this service as it involves the use of launches, etc. An additional charge of Seychelles Rupees 200.00 (equivalent to about US Dollars $40.00) is raised where spraying of vessel has been conducted in accordance with Regulations.


When free pratique has been granted, yachts may enter the inner harbour and proceed to an allocated anchorage as directed by the Port Authorities. Within 24 hours of arrival
exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, the Owner/Master will report to the Port Office, Mahe Quay and complete the ‘Report of Arrival’ Form, submit one(1) copy of crew and passenger lists and lodge the Certificate of Registry for his yacht. Access to and from the Port Office must be via the Port Security Gate, Latanier Road only. Other Government Ministeries/Departments may request for copies of crew and passenger lists. It is recommended that at least 10 copies of such lists be prepared in readiness for officers boarding. Customs and Immigration formalities must also be complied with


Harbour dues, in respect of a foreign registered pleasure craft and yachts shall be calculated as follows based on the authenticated Gross Tonnage. Pleasure Craft and Yacht (as per Harbour act Cap.210 S.I 53 of 1994):

dues for yachts in Seychelles

Note:  The rates above are gazetted rates and are not discountable. They also apply at all islands and anchorages in the Seychelles Group. These are rates per vessel per 24hrs or part thereof.

In principle Port Dues should be cleared on a weekly basis. The Vessel’s Certificate of Registry will be retained for safekeeping with the Port Authority until the vessel is
cleared outwards for a foreign port.


1. Mahe: Port Victoria, Yacht Basin. (Queenie Bay see Page 16)
2. Praslin: The Bay of Baie-Ste-Anne
3. La Digue: La Passe
4. Islands in Schedule A (i.e. Islands within a range of 60 miles from Mahe.)

There are several other permitted anchorage areas around Mahe, Praslin, La Digue and the surrounding Islands subject to a clearance from the Port Authorities.

5a. MARINE NATIONAL PARKS (see page 14 & 15)

It is prohibited to anchor and/or moor in the Marine National Parks without prior permissions from the Marine Park Authorities. Apart from Silhouette Is Marine National Park, all other parks listed below are indicated on the sketches at page 13 & 14.

For more information contact the Marine Park Authorities on phone No. 322891

1. Ste Anne Is Marine National Park,
2. Baie Ternay and Port Launay Marine National Parks
3. Silhoutte Is. Marine National Park
4. Curieuse Is.Marine National Park
5. Ile aux CoCo & Ile Platte Marine National Park

5b. BEAU VALLON (see page 13)

It is prohibited to anchor in the bay of Beau Vallon. Mooring buoys have been placed in two demarcated area for the mooring of small vessels only. A small vessel may moor
at Beau Vallon, subject to clearance from the Harbour Master, for a period of not exceeding consecutive 48hrs (2 days) after which it may only return to moor in Beau Vallon after seven (7) days have lapsed.

Moorings at Beau Vallon will be monitored by the SEYCHELLES LIFE SAVING BRIGADE. They may approach you to view your clearance when moored at Beau Vallon.

The following is extract from the BEACH CONTROL ACT (Cap. 14) S.I.62 0f 1997:- Boats shall moor only on the mooring buoys situated on or within the perimeters of the demarcated areas subject to such conditions as the Harbour Master may from time to time make. Hire-craft licensed to operate at Beau Vallon shall provide their own mooring buoys subject to the approval of the Harbour Master.

Boats shall moor at their own risk, and the person in command of the boat shall at all times inspect the mooring buoy for functional integrity and to ensure that the buoy is holding the boat.

Any boat found moored or anchored other than to a mooring may be removed by direction of the Harbour Master and held until the expenses incurred in such removal are settled in full.


For the outer islands, the skippers should consult their charts and choose their anchorage area carefully. The approach should be done cautiously, preferably during daylight hours
taking into consideration the current, tides and monsoon winds. When anchoring around these islands the skippers must avoid anchoring on coral patches but should do so in
areas with a sandy bottom to limit damages to the reef ecosystem.


Your attention is drawn to Regulations 33 of the Harbour Regulations as amended by Section 10 of the Harbour (Amendment) Regulations 1977, which reads as follows:

  1.  All vessels wherever registered, except for a man-of-war or a pleasure craft, as provided for hereafter, shall obtain Port and Customs Clearance before leaving Harbour.
  2. All foreign-owned pleasure craft shall, when leaving for a destination outside Seychelles, be subject to Port and Customs Clearance but when leaving for a destination within Seychelles be subject only to a Local Port Clearance.
  3. Such Port Clearance shall be obtained upon payment of all Harbour Dues accrued before leaving Port Victoria.
  4. Formalities for outward clearance by Immigration, Customs and Port must be conducted during normal working hours viz 0800 – 1200 and 1300 – 1500 hours Mondays to Fridays. Note that some of these organisations may require one full working day’s notice to process an application for departure/exit.

One of the effects of this Regulation is that all foreign owned vessels, which includes all visiting yachts, must obtain a clearance from the Port Office, Mahe Quay, before leaving Port Victoria Harbour for any other destination whether within or beyond the Seychelles. It must be emphasised that destination means any place or anchorage outside the limits of Port Victoria Harbour.


The conditions under which a clearance to a visiting yacht is granted are listed on the clearance form. The Harbour Master may add other conditions if required. The Harbour Master and/or the Duty Officer will be kept informed of names of yachts which, for any reason, are not permitted to leave Port Victoria


Visits to any privately owned or managed island must be cleared with the respective owners or managers in the first instance. Certain islands or anchorages may be restricted or prohibited to visitors for environmental reasons, for instance. Shipping Agents or Tour Operators may be of some assistance in this regard. Where necessary the appointment of an agent is recommended. Landing fees are applicable per crew or passenger at most islands. Rates differ between islands and may be obtained from the island owner/management.


Any vessel carrying live animals, birds or plants must declare same on arrival to Port and Officers boarding the vessel. Such vessels shall anchor in Port Victoria as directed by the Harbour Master and shall not change anchorage or go to any other place in Seychelles without the prior consent of the Harbour Master.

Visiting yachts with plants, live animals or pets on board will only be granted clearance to enter Port Victoria or sail to other islands in the Seychelles group on the condition that
these are not permitted ashore.

Furthermore, when ships are in port, all pets (if any) must be kept confined and under no circumstances, whatsoever, are these pets allowed to come ashore, unless special authority, in writing, is given by the Veterinary Section. Pets coming ashore illegally constitute an offence of which the penalty could be 2 years imprisonment, a heavy
fine and/or total confiscation of the animal which could well be put to sleep. Pets are to be kept confined on board not only to prevent them from coming ashore but
also to protect all persons going on board for purposes of work. Seychelles is one of the very few rabies free countries in the world and efforts are being taken to keep it this way.


The Master or Owner must report to the Immigration Office situated on 1st Floor, Independence House, Victoria, Mahe, and submit relevant crew and passenger lists. Passengers and crew arriving by yachts are usually issued four (4) weeks Visitor’s Permit. Such permits are renewable in which case such requests should be lodged at least
one week before the expiry of the existing Visitor’s Permit. This can be done at the Immigration Office No visas are required for entering Seychelles.


When departing for a foreign port, the Master must call personally at the Immigration Office at least 2 working days prior to departure to make arrangements for the clearance of the Immigration formalities.

Passports and Visitor’s Permit (cards) of every person leaving with the yacht should be brought to Immigration when applying for clearance outwards.

Application for Port clearance must be supported by the approved Immigration clearance when proceeding to foreign destinations.

No yacht is allowed to stop on any Island of the Seychelles group when entering Seychelles waters or when departing for a foreign port. Initial and last port in Seychelles must be Port Victoria unless, of course, arrangements have been concluded to clear at Assumption, Farquhar or Desroches Islands. Unapproved or unauthorised calls at any island in the Seychelles group en route constitute an offence under Health, Port, Immigration and Customs laws.

In the case of an emergency, if a yacht has to stop at an island, the master is to report immediately to the island manager. No crew or passengers are to disembark without the consent of the Island Manager who is required to take necessary practique and immigration precautions.


A. Any person wishing to disembark for the purpose of staying ashore or departing Seychelles by any other means of transport must first obtain the necessary authority from Immigration.

B. Where a person arrives in Seychelles by Air and intends joining a yacht as crew or as a passenger or guest aboard such yacht, written confirmation should be given to Immigration by the Master of the respective yacht prior to the person’s arrival. Authority, when granted, will bear the approval of the Immigration Authorities.

C. When a departing Master leaves his yacht in Seychelles under the responsibility of another person, arrangements should be made at the Immigration Division with both parties present. The Harbour Master should be informed accordingly in writing with details of the yacht and the responsible party.

D. Visitors are advised not to overstay the period stamped on their passports and Visitor’s Permit (card), as they are then deemed to be illegally in the Country thereby constituting an offence under the Immigration Laws. Where necessary appropriate extensions may be applied for.


No vessel is to engage in private charter work within Seychelles unless a licence to operate as a Hire Craft has been obtained through the necessary channels. Outward
clearance may be declined to any private yacht where, in the opinion of the authorities, unlawful operation as charter or Hire Craft is suspected.


Yachts and other private craft arriving in, or departing from Seychelles Waters are subject to the same Regulations as other foreign-going ships.


Report must be made at the Customs office at Port Office block, Mahe Quay within twenty-four hours of arrival, exclusive Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Immigration formalities are also required to be completed on arrival.

1. Immigration clearance is required.
2. Clearance outwards at the Customs Office in the Port Office block is required before departure for a foreign port.
3. Shipments of duty free stores are restricted to vessels departing for a destination outside Seychelles.
4. Stores shipped under Bond will be placed under Customs seal on board and may not be used in Seychelles Waters without payment of duty. Payment of duty may also be required if the foreign voyage for which the stores were shipped is interrupted or abandoned.


Yachts and other private craft arriving in Seychelles from abroad are liable to Customs Duty but such a vessel imported under its own power by a person who at the time of his entry is resident outside Seychelles and intends to remain in Seychelles for a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of his entry may be temporarily relieved from payment of duty.

The temporary duty-free importation of a vessel is subject to the conditions that it is for the personal use of the importer or his dependants. It shall neither be nor offered for hire, pledge, given away, exchanged, sold or otherwise disposed of in Seychelles. It shall be re-exported from Seychelles upon the departure from Seychelles of the person who imported it, which in any event shall not be later than 12 months from the date of its importation, or when the importer’s temporary stay in Seychelles is terminated, whichever is the earlier.

Breach of the conditions on which admission without payment of duty is allowed renders the vessel liable to forfeiture.

to Customs duty. Certain categories of imported goods are subject to an approved import permit requirement to be obtained prior to the importation of such merchandise. Custom Officers are authorized to demand a full declaration of all foods, stores and provisions on board visiting yachts.

The rates referred to in paragraph 4 will continue to apply even if the vessel is laid up. In such circumstances any dutiable stores remaining should normally be cleared on payment of the Customs duty payable. A vessel may be laid up with the approval of the Harbour Master.

Any vessel trafficking in drugs, prohibited or custom goods is liable to forfeiture, in addition to heavy penalties being imposed on the Owner or Master who may be liable to prosecution in accordance with existing laws. Further information is available at the Customs Office, Mahe Quay.


Arms, Ammunition, spear guns and other such dangerous weapons must be declared and handed to the Seychelles Coastguard on arrival. These articles will be returned to the owner upon departure from the Seychelles for a foreign port. Spear gun fishing in Seychelles waters is strictly prohibited


Valid yellow fever inoculation is required. Cholera is necessary only if visitor is arriving from Cholera effected area or country.


DUMPING OF GARBAGE IS ILLEGAL. Special arrangements exist for the disposal of garbage which must be complied with e.g. garbage disposal facilities exist at the
Seychelles Yacht Club or contact your Agent.


Supply of bunkers duty free is by pre-arrangement and is subject to a minimum uplift.


1. ALWAYS inform Port Victoria Tower Control whenever going out or coming in or of any other movements in the port. Call on VHF Radio Channel 16 (24 hours)

2. When cleared on arrival, call at the Port Office to complete your report of arrival.

3. ALWAYS obtain a clearance from the Port Office whenever you wish to sail out of Port Victoria. A crew list and passenger list is required to be produced when applying for a Port Clearance.

4. Accounts are to be cleared regularly (preferably weekly) and not left to accumulate to large sums.

5. REMEMBER All transactions are to be completed during the normal office hours (Monday – Friday from 0800-1200 and 1300- 1500 )

This documentation has been issued by the “Port & Marine Services Division” on Mahe, for any questions or latest issue contact 224701 (24 hours)